To fully appreciate the Hydrovac advantage take a look at these applications in our project gallery. Here you will be able to see what it is we do and types of applications we provide our niche services to.

A hydrovac is an excavation unit that removes earth by using high pressure water (HYDRO) and a powerful vacuum (VAC). The high-pressure water loosens the ground while the vacuum simultaneously extracts the debris into a single tank mounted on a truck. Hydrovac excavation can be performed effectively on all ground types, such as clay, gravel and sand.

At Hydrovac we embrace maximising any free time in mankind’s best sport. We are keen fishers and ensure we spend our free time doing anything but our hydrovac services to keep us motivated at work.
Welcome to Townsville Hydrovac

Incorporating this amazing extraction process we can investigate each project to ensure that zero damage will occur to any fibre, gas, electricity or sewer lines. Avoid the potential burden of expensive repairs to valuable infrastructure by insisting on Hydrovac.


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